Gia Edzgveradze

Gia Edzgveradze was born in the former Soviet republic state of Georgia in 1953. Edzgveradze utilises a diverse range of mediums and techniques in his art work from performance art, videography, sculpture, writing and photography.

Simple secret , 1986–1986
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Size:180 x 200 cm. (70.9 x 78.7 in.)

I chose these two pieces of work in particular as they intrigued me, especially the above ‘Simple Secret’. What is this secret contained the painting? I can see lots of arrows going over and under, seemingly on some kind of journey, but to where? Are they directions in a treasure map? Or does each arrow represent an experience, a thought, feeling or emotion? Is this a physical or metaphorical emotional journey we are taken on? So many questions and yet no answers.

Derby , 1983–1983
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Size:180 x 170 cm. (70.9 x 66.9 in.)

This second painting entitled ‘Derby’ also piqued my interest. The line markings sort of reminded me of some kind of geographical study or a map outlining mountainous ranges and different height levels. It also reminded me of the lines and numbers you might find in a ‘pointing by numbers’ activity book. The title also hints that it could be the journey of horses taken on a derby race. Despite undertaking some online research I couldn’t find the intended meaning, which I think is as it should be. Edzgveradze has created these works to be thought provoking and to stir emotions in the viewer, they weren’t meant to be explained or understood.

Here is my response to the works I viewed of Edzgveradze. Intrigued by the secrecy and unknown behind the images, it prompted me to think along the lines of what I could draw or paint that only I would understand what it was, with a special meaning that no-one else would know about. I created a triptych of images, working quickly, using a black acrylic pen on paper, which I entitle ‘Secret journeys’ and will leave it at that.

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