Look at what you see – not what you imagine

Building upon the previous exercise of Quick and Focused this exercise was also a challenge in painting what you see and not what you imagine. The exercise also came with a time restriction of 10 minutes for the first attempt and then 20 minutes for the second. I also had to reposition the image upside down, before painting it, and chose to use the image of Boris Johnson for this challenge! I also used acrylic paints on water colour paper.

On the right is my first attempt at this exercise, a 10-minute painting of Boris Johnson. Which I think comically looks nothing like him! The shape of his head is quite odd, as are his facial features. I found the challenge of looking at the image and not the paper especially hard over 10 minutes and did cheat on a few occasions, unable to help myself. Attempting to paint the image upside down paired with looking at the paper I think meant that some ‘imagined’ images crept in and distorted my way of seeing!

My second attempt, along with the advantage of an additional 10- minutes I think was slightly more successful, the dimensions and facial features feel a little more authentic, and I did try very hard to focus on the image as opposed to the paper on this occasion.

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