Quick and Focused

For this exercise I had to work quickly, focusing in on the subject matter rather than looking at the page, as well as using the paintbrush as I would a pencil. I also had only one minute per image to paint! I used A3 watercolour paper, and watered down acrylic to paint with, and chose 5 images from the previous exercise to paint: scalloped chair, Boris Johnson, house in front of the mountain, Chinese sculpture and the hand.

Above is the first attempt at the exercise, keeping to one minute per image was extremely hard and focusing on the image and not the paper was even more difficult! The individual paintings look more neat and tidy and structured in comparison to subsequent attempts. I think this is probably because I cheated and ended up looking at the paper!

During the second attempt I tried to look at the image as opposed to the paper. The paintings feel freer and looser. They’re also a little haphazard with regards to the positioning, as the hand painting is slightly cut off at the top of the page.

Lastly here is the final attempt, I tried to be more strict with regards to looking at the image only, the one minute timer still did not feel long enough at all! On the whole I found this exercise really quite challenging. I’m not happy with the overall finish of any of the paintings, but it did teach me to loosen up a little with my painting and also to focus on the image itself not what I think it looks like.

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