Cathy Lomax

Cathy Lomax was born in 1963, in Croydon, and is a British painter based in London. Lomax is part of the Contemporary British Painting group, and is a curator and director at The Transition Gallery. Lomax gained her MA Fine Art from Central St Martins, and also edits two art and culture magazines, Arty and Garageland. Lomax’s work is influenced by film, fashion and fame, juxtaposed with the everyday. One of Lomax’s collections is ‘noir bags’, 2013, which depict the necklines of iconic femme fatales.

Given the current situation with restricted movements due to coronavirus, I was unable to scour the charity shops and thrift stores to find an old handbag to experiment with, and not wanting to use one of my own, I decided to turn to a different kind of material, a cardboard box! Instead of depicting the feminine necklines of those who may use said handbag, I chose to depict our hard working delivery men and women who are keeping the nation going at this very difficult time and found an image online of a Royal Mail postal worker (Getty Image, found on I cropped the image to match the size of the cardboard box using only their torso to provide an anonymised universal depiction of delivery personnel worldwide, and painted on the cardboard box using acrylic paint.

It was fun painting on the cardboard that had quite a porous quality, I decided to leave some packaging tape on the cardboard running across the surface to provide a different material to paint upon. The plastic tape meant that the paint took longer to dry and required more layers to build pigment. This was especially difficult when I was trying to paint the hand and neck on the delivery person, which was extremely challenging!

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