Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards was born in 1981, in Kent, and lives and works in London. Edwards gained his BA at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, followed by his MA in Painting, at The Royal College of Art. Edwards is well known for painting quite small intricate images onto a variety of different surfaces, some of which include, conkers, MDF, plastic bags, and pieces of wood.

In the examples chosen above, Edwards has used random cuts of timber, and depicted extremely detailed portraits. The first on the left ‘My aunt’s friend’ and the second on the right ‘Fades to Memory’. It appears as though Edwards uses the knots and grain markings to guide where the painting is placed. For instance to the right, the rings appear to emanate from the young woman’s face, and to the right the subtle glimpse of the woman is just etched in to the grain markings of this piece of wood.

In the same way Edwards used found pieces of wood, I found a couple of pieces of discarded skirting board in the cellar of my house to work on. Inspired by how Edwards uses existing imperfections on the surface of the wood I used this as my jumping off point. To the left, I mimicked the knot and round indents found in this piece by using a selection of corals, yellows and peach acrylic paint to adorn the wood using swirling brush strokes, the painting feels like a celebration of confetti. To the right, there were lots of angular lines and cuts found in the wood, so I painted in bold straight lines using earthy greens, and turquoise, it reminds me of an angular landscape with lots of different fields. I like how the two pieces are presented together with the soft bevelled edges they look as if they always belonged together.

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