Unusual Painting Media

For this exercise I used a range of different painting media to depict a selection of photographs I took earlier, of collections found in the home. The paintings were made on A4 water colour paper, using nail polish, make-up, coffee and black ink.

The first example was created using lip gloss and eye shadow from a make-up kit. First I began sketching roughly where the shoes would sit on the page and smaller details I wanted to pick out with the makeup. I started by applying lip gloss with the small applicator brush provided, like glue on top of the shoe sketches, and then stickling thick eyeshadow on top, a little like colour chalk or pastels, the result is quite a blurry, soft image. I found it quite difficult to build in any tone/shadow due to the materials I was using so it is quite a flat image.

Next I chose to paint a pile of socks using nail polish. Luckily I have quite selection of different colour nail polish already, although it was difficult to find the correct colour for all of the items. I particularly liked using the glittery nail polish to pick out some of the details in the socks. I didn’t paint outside, but after a while I had to open the windows as the fumes from the nail polish was quite strong! I struggled to depict the fine details found on some of the socks due to the thickness of the nail polish brush, but still attempted to add small amounts of detail where possible.

Next I chose to use coffee to paint a small collection of clothing. I quite like the arrangement, bold yellow against stripes and denim, although the colour is lost in the painting medium. Painting with coffee felt similar to painting with watercolour. I set up 4 solutions of coffee with varying strength. First I began by applying a light wash over the entire image, and then slowly building up shadow and contrast using stronger coffee solutions. I tried to depict the slight shadow found on the striped top, but I was a little impatient and you can see it’s blurred with the painted stripes as it wasn’t quite dry enough. Other than that I’m quite pleased with how the whole image has turned out.

Lastly, I used black ink and the wooden end of a paint brush to depict this arrangement of white objects. I sketched out the arrangement to begin with before painting, as there is a lot going on in the arrangement and I wanted to be able to sketch where the items would sit on the page before committing to ink on paper. I’m happy with the overall image, and think using the black ink for this particular collection worked well as there are lots of lines and shapes to pick out with the ink. Painting with the wooden end of the brush was quite a different feel to applying with a paint brush as I had to dip the end in the ink multiple times just to make even small marks, so the result is quite edgy and rough.

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