Lene Bladbjerg

Lene Bladbjerg was born in 1974 in Denmark, Bladbjerg grew up in Belgium, Brussels, and now lives and works in London. Bladbjerg attended the Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, England in 1995, and later graduated from the London College of Printing with a Degree in Graphic and Media Design in 2000. Bladbjerg uses a variety of mediums and materials including, painting, drawing, and screen prints. For the purpose of this blog post I will be exploring her work on metallic surfaces entitled ‘Butterflies’.

Silky Hairstreak butterfly, 2020
Material, Surface: Metal
Height: 17.5 Centimetres; Width: 12.5 Centimetres; Depth: 4 Centimetres

Bladbjerg uses stanley knife blades grouped to appear as butterfly wings and painted using acrylic paint. In response to this work I recreated my own butterfly wings, using metallic card, cut with a stately knife blade into different shapes. I then used a filbert painting brush and a selection fo acrylic paint to adorn the shapes, arranging them together to form a butterfly shape.

I don’t think the final image looks very butterfly-like, however I do really like the symmetry , as well as the acrylic paint atop the gold metallic card, the layers of shapes and the overall image together, it feels both modern and vintage. I intend to work on this idea some more to produce different cut shapes, colour palettes and themes and build a collection. I think the resulting image is really quite beautiful. I’d also like to continue to experiment with recreating an ink blot style technique on gold card with acrylic paint.

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