Peter Bonde

Peter Bonde was born in 1958, and is a Danish Visual Artist. Bonde graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art (1976-82). He was a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts’s painting school from 1996 to 2005. Bonde’s work spans over three decades, and he has used a range of materials and mediums such as collage, using perishable materials, painting on canvas with photographic print, and video screen installations.

Bonde’s most recent works are created using oil paint on mirror-foil. Bonde experiments with the use of paint on this specially created mirror surface which encapsulates both the brush strokes of Bonde as well as the viewer themselves. You can see in the images above the reflections of the camera and tripod in the images. The paintings feel very luminous and ethereal.

Using silver metallic card I cut into squares and started painting using a filbert brush, gesturally, using a limited colour palette with white paint. I really like the final images, and how they are all different yet still interconnect in their own series. I’d like to experiment with this some more using different sized silver mirrored card, and different colour palettes and brush strokes.

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