Painting on a 3D surface

For this assignment I was tasked to paint a collection of objects onto a 3D object. Having previously experimented with painting on a cardboard box (Cathy Lomax), pieces of wood (Lee Edwards), and a tin can and glass jar (Paul Westcombe), I decided to revisit painting on another differently sized glass jar. This time I used an old vegan mayonnaise jar, which was shorter and rounder than the glass jar I had used previously. I measured the circumference of the jar and thought it would make a good surface to paint my collection of paint brushes on.

I began by using masking tape to create neat edges at the top and bottom, and painting the base colour using black acrylic paint. I had soaked the jar in washing up liquid to remove the label but there was still some glue adhesive left on the surface. Luckily once the acrylic paint was applied, this sticky issue was no longer a problem.

I found trying to paint such fine detail on a small rounded surface quite tricky. I attempted to paint the brush handles in straight lines, but this was not always possible. I also slightly underestimated the space required to fit all of the brushes so unfortunately had to miss off 5 or 6 of the paint brushes. Due to the linear nature of the painting though and the subject matter it’s not noticeable. As I had painted the black background, the transparent nature of painting on glass was lost, but I think it’s a good representation of the original photographed collection.

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