Eleanor Moreton

Eleanor Moreton was born in 1956, in London and continues to live and work in London. Moreton attended Exeter College of Art, and gained a BA in Painting in 1979. Moreton continued her studies, gaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Art History in 1993, and an MA in Art History in 1996 with UCE, and finally an MA in Painting with the Chelsea College of Art in 1999.

I created some more collages of my friends faces, in the same way I did in my response to Yuko Nasu. Seeing the ‘green nose’ highlighted in ‘Prince (green nose)’ I thought it would be fun to use the collage to pick out different facial features to highlight. The title ‘Absent Friends’ also felt quite appropriate due to the current health crisis and social distancing measures.

Once I created the final images using a photo editing program, I then set out by sketching the invented faces onto water colour paper using pencil.

In the same style as I painted previously in my response to Yuko Nasu I painted in the different skin tones, adding in bold colour for the individual features of each person. I purposefully did not paint in any hair or background. I quite like the effect of these floating almost ‘potato-head’ like images. To experiment further I would like to explore producing these images either using s screen printing technique or mixed media.

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