Yuko Nasu

Yuko Nasu was born in 1974, in Hiroshima, Japan, and lives and works in London. Nasu studied visual design at Kyoto City University of Art until 1997, and relocated to London in 2005, where she attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Nasu is most well known for her portraits made using oil paint, they have an eery quality, providing just a glimpse or suggestion of that person. Nasu uses an array of colour in her work, and diluted oils, painting imagined persons, which often have distorted facial features, and sweeping blurred faces.

In response to Nasu ‘s work instead of using ‘imagined’ people I decided to invent my own people by creating one face from lots of different aspects of my friend’s faces. Here is the photographic collage below.

Once I created the final images using a photo editing program, I then set out by sketching the invented faces onto water colour paper using pencil.

Once I had the outline of the faces sketched, I first began by painting in the different skin tones. They aren’t a true representation of each persons skin tone but still indicative of the slightly different tones and hues. Using acrylic paint and acrylic binder I added in very minimal shadow and highlighted the features of each person using brightly coloured paints. I decided to keep the outline of the face only, minus any hair and finished the painting with an outline in thin black acrylic. I like the final image, with the usual face shape and striking features. I can still see each person in the individual portraits.

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