Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards is a British Artist, currently living and working Badingham, England. Edwards uses a range of mediums including, digital, print making, watercolours and painting. For the purpose of this blog post I will be specifically focusing on Edwards work with Mono-types, (monotyping is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface). Edwards works using images and photographs taken of the Suffolk coastline, and produces mono-types using thick opaque oil paint, which is often painted over again.

Kim Edwards, Towards Dunwich, Monotype, 2016

I find Edwards work to be quite moody and foreboding. The above image doesn’t appear to be a bright sunny day, it feels like there is a storm on the horizon, waiting to hit the shoreline. In response to Edwards work, I searched online for an image of the British coastline, and came across the below image. This photograph is of Durdledoor beach, found in Dorset on the Jurassic coast. I’ve never visited the area but would really like to!

Photo: Mark Towning via Flickr

I attempted to create a mono-type in the same way that Edwards did. Unfortunately I don’t have a piece of glass to use in the mono-type process so I’m using sheets of acetate. I placed the acetate over the image and began to fill in the main sections of the painting, with the intention of painting over the mono-type with more detail, such as that of the long grass in the foreground.

The painting didn’t quite turn out as I had intended. I used acrylic paint so the drying time would be quicker to allow me to scan the image. I thought if I worked very quickly, and as it is only a small image I would be able to still produce the mono-type but when I lifted the paper from the acetate the majority of the paint was still on the acetate. So instead I decided to glue the acetate onto the paper using a glue stick and then paint over the acetate. The resulting image is actually still quite pleasing, in the sunlight there is a shine form the acetate, contrasted with the matt acrylic paint, although as you can see it is a mirror image of the original.

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