Reworking: Collection Painting

Following the feedback from Assignment Two: Collection Painting I set about reworking some of the still life collection painting. I noticed by looking at both paintings the photograph has also changed the overall image slightly the first was taken on quite a bright sunny day, causing a little bit of a shine on the surface, whereas the second was taken on an overcast day which I think enables a truer representation fo the colour and line. Nevertheless I did spend a couple of hours reworking some of the fruits and vegetables. Below is the final reworked image.

First off I wanted to tackle the cauliflower, my tutor sent me some examples of cauliflower painting, and a link to a you tube video indicating that stippling much like how you can paint in clouds would be a good technique to use to depict the florets. I used varying shades of white and stippling over the surface many times, first by using darker tones with brown, green, yellow and grey tones, then working on top with creamy white, and then back over with dark and then finally highlighting with a bright white just at some of the edges. It’s resulted in a far better representation of the cauliflower. Using this stippling technique I also revisited the oranges to stipple in the puckered surface using both light yellow and dark brown to create light and shadow which has worked well. I also added some warmer yellows over the bananas which were looking a little ashy.Finally I also tried to reduce the streakiness seen in the peppers adding in some more bold colour and shape.

Comparing both images together I’m a lot happier with how the fruit and vegetables have turned out, I think if I were to try and push it a little further I’d like to still spend a little bit more time on the cauliflower and peppers, as well as the grapes and bananas, but I’m pleased with the improvement and progress so far. As well as reworking the original assignment piece, I was also encouraged by my tutor to research and look into the following artists: Michael Armitage, Keith Tyson and Allison Katz.

Michael Armitage

Here is my response to the works of Armitage, click here for the full blog post.

Keith Tyson

Here is my response to the works of Tyson, click here for the full blog post.

Allison Katz

Here is my response to the works of Tyson, click here for the full blog post.

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