Guim Tio Zarraluki

Guim Tio Zarraluki was born in 1987, Barcelona, and is a Spanish Artist, living and working in Spain. Zarraluki studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and has painted both portraits and larger landscape works throughout his career to date, although even when painting landscapes there is still always a heavy focus on people and humanity. I stumbled across Zarraluki’s work when I was searching on instagram for ‘unusual portraits’ whilst I was exploring and experimenting with Monotype Portraits. His work and inspiration speaks to me as I am usually always drawn back to the intricacies of people, relationships and human lives.

Zarraluki’s bold use of colour and manipulation of facial features creates a very striking portrait and it’s hard to look away. Even as I look now at the portraits I’m drawn to the alien like greyish skin tones and piercing eyes of the women depicted, alongside their vibrant hair, you can just catch a glimpse of the magazine cover beneath which Zarraluki has painted upon. The portraits offer both an eerie yet cartoonish feel to them. Indeed for this series of work Zarraluki worked closely with fashion models, looking more carefully you can still see the remnants of their original lips from the cover itself.

Working again with digitally altered photographs I started painting in skin tone and bright hair. I had intended to add more paint and manipulate the images further but as you can see the paper has rippled significantly. This is because I was using simple printer paper which was very thin. Although now scanned, I quite like the ripple effect caused by this accidental oversight, it feels as though the portraits are radiating out of the page.To experiment further I’d like to paint over some magazines and play around with distorting images and recreating these beautiful models into eerie other-worldly figures. It would be interesting to paint with acrylic upon a shiny thicker cut of paper too to see how the two materials interact.

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