Pippa Gatty

Pippa Gatty was born in 1965 in London, and currently lives and works in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Gatty graduated in 1990 with a Fine Art (Painting) BA from Chelsea College of Art and Design and subsequently took a break from creating whilst her children were younger. Gatty later returned to painting, and drawing and gained her MA in Fine Art with the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2008.

Various Works, 2019, Pippa Gatty
Oil on linen on board
4 7/10 × 5 1/2 in
12 × 14 cm

Looking closely at Gatty’s work, they are small in scale, dark and foreboding. They are also rooted in nature and the wilderness. Gatty often takes inspiration from her environment in the Inner Hebrides. I chose the above works to look at more closely, being drawn to this tunnel-like landscape with high, towering rocky sides, and vegetation decorating the edges.It feels like the night sky above is this deep blanket sitting over you, yet there is a glimpse of light and warmth towards the horizon.

In response to the works of Gatty I attempted to recreate the above scene. Following feedback from my tutor I purposefully used different sized paintbrushes in order to create this painting. Initially marking out the shape of the painting in pencil and then filling it in with black acrylic, leaving space in the middle for bare paper to enable light to shine through. I then started working in some lighter marks using a mid sized brush picking out the different colours and tones in the image and adding in finer detail with a small paint brush. I also purposefully wanted to show and simplify my brush marks and not hide them into the painting. It’s a quick response which is reflected in the lack of detail in comparison to the original but I really like the overall outcome. I think there is a sense of depth and light in the painting, and I especially enjoy the deep hues of blue painted in the night sky above.

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