Corinna Till

Corinna Till is an artist living in London. Till studied at the Slade School of Fine Art where she gained her BA in Fine Art in 1998, and later went on to gain her MFA in 2004. My Open College of Arts tutor suggested that I research the works of Till following my submission of Monotype Portraits. I believe this is due to the connection I made with my work between photography, printing and painting, Till also uses these mediums in her work. In particular Till uses photographs as research points for painting, but then the paintings are photographed and become the final works in their own right. This can be seen in her works on domestic gateways. Below is the installation of Till’s work at the Jerwood Space, London.

Jerwood Painting Fellowship Exhibition, Jerwood Space, London, 2011, Corinna Till

In an interview with David Trigg, Till described how she was drawn to the gateways as she cycled past them everyday and would notice the changing contours and images as she cycled past them, which eventually evolved into Till photographing these gateways and building quite a substantial collection of images.

‘No. 104’, photograph, 183 x 122cm, 2011, Corinna Till

Till would then paint the gates onto pieces of cardboard which were gate-sized. The end product isn’t the painting itself, it’s the photograph of the gate painting in the new home of replacing another gate. Till goes on to explain that the gates aren’t just replaced by the paintings, the paintings will go to a different space which is not the same location as what was photographed initially, making the whole process very much so about transformation.

‘No. 5’, photograph, 183 x 122cm, 2011, Corinna Till

Sometimes the painting of the gate and it’s new home doesn’t always work and this in itself is a process of exploration and experimentation. Another interesting component of Till’s work on gateways are the mysterious hands we see propping up the gateways, Till confirms it is not her but an assistant who helps to position the gates, and goes on to discuss: “Then, when you look at the work, all kinds of questions arise: ‘who is that person behind there? Are they trapped in there? Is it the artist hiding behind their work? Am I being kept out or welcomed in?”

‘No. 9’, photograph, 183 x 122cm, 2011, Corinna Till

Thinking about my own work, I experimented with some paintings I created from photographs, and then repositioning them and photographing them in situ to see how they transform. I used the paintings I made for Circular Paintings, the unmade bed, natural sponge and light shining on stair case and positioned them back to their ‘homes’ and took photographs. The unmade bed laying on the bed, natural sponge on the bathroom rack, and light shining on stair case on the stairs.

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