Circular Development

For this exercise I was tasked with experimenting and developing further the paintings I had created during Circular Paintings, by adding thicker layers of paint to the thinly painted works.

Unmade bed

For the unmade bed I only added slight touches of thick white acrylic paint to the creases and folds of the duvet and pillows. I think it works well to create that extra feeling of depth and texture.

Fly on the window sill

For this painting I added some more paint mixed with a little varnish to add to the white plastic window frame, but added thick layers of black/green to the fly to make it appear more three dimensional – it’s very difficult to see in the photograph alone though. Looking at the paintings in comparison to the photograph I can see quite clearly that the tones and shades are quite off, I only really used white and black in the painting, but I can now see warmer yellow and pink hues in the photograph.

Natural Sponge

Much like with the fly on the window sill I wanted to add thick paint to the main focal point of this one, that being the natural sponge, I was quite generous using thick layers of golds and browns, I also experimented a little further and added some gloss varnish to the metal rack wires.

View for my bedroom window

Lastly for this final image I decided against adding a thicker layer of paint to this painting as I felt it wouldn’t add anything to the overall image, I did however add a thin layer of gloss varnish, which has finished the painting nicely.

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