Circular Drawings

For this next exercise I was tasked with creating a series of three circular pencil drawings, using coloured pencils, of a scene in my house. I decided to continue to explore the images I used in the previous exercise Circular Paintings, the natural sponge, light shining on stair case, and unmade bed.

Unmade Bed

I initially started drawing this using graphite, as although the photograph isn’t black and white, on the whole the photograph is very much so lacking colour. However to keep within the confines of the exercise, once I had sketched the image using graphite I then went back over using a grey pencil to add in shadow and a black pencil to add in more definition and higher levels of contrast.

Light shining on stair case

For this second image I decided on the stair case. I created the general structure using red pencil and then shaded over to block in the colour, omitting the light hitting the top of the steps. Then to create the shadow and depth I used a selection of brown, purple, and black pencil. I think it was quite effective, although there seems to be more pinkish tones in the photograph, unfortunately in my small selection of pencils there wasn’t a pink available. Looking at both the pencil drawing and photograph I think I could have been a little more heavy handed with the shadow and shading.

Natural Sponge

Finally I settled on the natural sponge as my third drawing. I liked the texture of the sponge and crisp lines of the bath rack. I used circular motions using grey and blue to create the suggestion of the bubbles beneath, and a selection of golden yellow, brown and black for the sponge. I used quite swirly and scribbly actions, intending not to depict the sponge exactly as it lay but more the suggestion and texture of the sponge surface.

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