Circular Experimentation

In this exercise I was tasked to make a very fluid painting of any subject in the home. Once dry I was then instructed to use a varnish either sprayed or painted and to reflect on how applying the varnish changes the painting and what effects can be made. For this exercise I decided to return to the light shining on the stair case, I thought that perhaps the varnish could highlight the shine of light.

Comparing the painting to the photograph I can see that the angles are a little off but I think it’s a good depiction with regards to light, shadow and colour used, although I’m now noticing the lack of shadow in my painting on the skirting board caused by the stairs themselves. Anyhow, I decided that I would use the gloss varnish on the light hitting the steps of the stairs. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to see this in the photographed image but seen in the sunlight especially when moving the paper you can see the shine on the steps which I think is quite effective.

I decided I would also experiment with one of the paintings I created for Circular Paintings. This particular image was of the frosted window in the bathroom of my house, I thought the gloss varnish would work well on the glass, and it does pick this out quite well, especially as the paper is quite thin, the rippled effect is made even more prominent by the gloss varnish.

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