Alex Hanna

Alex Hanna was born in 1964 in Birkenhead and is an English Visual Artist. Hanna attended Sunderland Polytechnic, where he gained a BA in Fine Art in 1983, and he then later went on to study at Liverpool Polytechnic where he gained his PGCE in Art & Design in 1988. Hanna is currently based in East London, and works from arrangement of objects in his small studio. Hanna uses a limited palette in his work, and focuses on ideas around disposable items, fabric and plastic/containers.

In the response I made to Alex Hanna’s work I decided to use acrylic on paper as opposed to oil on canvas. Working with acrylic it was difficult to achieve the same kind of aesthetic as Hanna, as he is able to use thick smudged layers of oil (right), as well as very soft and blended colours and painting (left), which I found much harder to achieve with acrylic due to the thinner nature and quicker drying time of the paint.

Nonetheless it was still a good exercise in practicing to paint with shadow and tone. Painting white objects on white backgrounds, I find particularly challenging as there are so many nuances and slight differences in tones of white, namely cool – more blue-grey tones of white, and warm, more yellow tones of white. This is quite evident in the plug socket above there is quite a clear distinction in the warm white of the skirting board against the cool white of the board placed underneath the socket.

As with the strip of tablets above too, looking at the background now, it almost looks like a lilac-grey colour even though I used white board as the background, and photographed in strong sunlight. Also looking at the shadow it is clearer when looking at the photo and my painting that there is a stronger cast of shadow going right to left due to the position of the sun, which I have failed to pick up in my own rendering.

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