Room Study

For this exercise I was tasked with making a study of a corner of my room. This space needed to be somewhere the light changes throughout the day. I was required to make a study using watercolour on A5 paper once in the morning, then midday and then evening.

I chose this corner of my room as it sits directly opposite the window. On the day I completed this study however it was quite overcast so there wasn’t very much strong sunlight creating lots of contrast. For this reason I thought it would also be useful to include the lamp in the composition as this would offer an alternative light source and something different across the time period of the paintings. Below is the final collection. I have purposefully left them as a little unfinished and a little more experimental, rather than trying to get het up with producing a final painting I am entirely happy with.

The below painting was taken form a photograph taken around 8am, it was quite a cloudy day, ordinarily though at this time of day, if the sun is shining, there’s quite strong sunlight hitting this particular area of the room. You can see a slight shadow from the lamp, shelving, plants and laptop case. I specifically chose this area due to the textures of the plant and strong round lines of the furniture, skirting board and lamp.

I had purposefully tried to take photographs and paint form the same angle, but inevitably there were some slight differences in the subsequent compositions. Which actually in hindsight I quite like, it would be a little flat and boring if they were all identical. For this second painting I tried to notice the changes that had occurred with the passage of time. Some of the shadowing of the objects had moved with the sun and the plant was looking a little more vibrant. The photo was taken around midday and as you can see the wall shelf has disappeared form sight, and we can see the laptop case a little more clearly. I tried to use some warmer yellows on the plant to bring it to light a little more, but I think I flooded the area too much with pigment!

For the final composition which was taken in the evening as the sun was beginning to set, I had turned on the lamp to introduce some alternative lighting which I think has worked well.I noticed there were more blues in the shadows on the walls, as well as strong warm yellow coming from the lamp which was illuminating that area as well as gently touching on some of the leaves, which I tried to highlight using yellow/greens towards the left hand edges of the plant. Also using a deeper green/brown on the opposite side to emphasis this contrast.

I purposefully omitted the strong black lines of the lampshade stand as I felt this would overpower the overall painting which has quite a soft outcome. I marked out the paintings using pencil to begin with so felt as though the pencil lines were enough to portray this part of the lampshade. I can also see some examples in the paintings where perhaps I may have been a little heavy handed with water, which has caused some excessive bleeding and flooding of the page. Yet I can also pick out some areas which I am quite pleased with, in particular the shadowing of the brown flower on the last painting, as well as the portrayal of light emanating from the lamp shade.

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