Portfolio Selection: Understanding Painting Media

My work on Understanding Painting Media has drawn to a close and now it’s time to pull together a portfolio of work to share with the assessors! In this blog post I will be selecting 15-20 pieces to whittle down to the final selection to put forward for critique. Here is my initial selection below:

Response to Cecily Brown

Two A5 works, acrylic on mixed media paper. Utilising quick, expressive brush strokes, layering and combining colour. Original blog post – Cecily Brown.


Two examples of painted collections. A selection of bowls and plates, acrylic on watercolour paper, and a collection of shoes acrylic on brown packing paper. Original blog post – Lisa Milroy.

Response to Lene Bladbjerg

Painting on a metallic surface, limited brush strokes on metallic card, assembled and affixed to watercolour paper. Original blog post – Lene Bladbjerg.

Royal Mail

Another example of painting on an alternative surface is this painting of a Royal Mail employee, painted with acrylic on a cardboard box which had recently been delivered. Original blog post – Cathy Lomax.

Collection: Still Life

A reworked piece for assignment two ‘Collection Painting’. I repainted the cauliflower and some of the other fruits and vegetables following feedback and advice from my tutor. Original blog post – Collection Painting.

The Joker

Some experimentation using the newly learned monotype technique. Original blog post – Geraldine Swayne.

Monotype Portraits

This was my final piece for my works on monotypes. I had experimented a lot with this process, adding in different motifs and ultimately decided on a much simpler painting altogether with these bald heads and their different outlooks. Original blog post – Monotype Portraits.

Response to John Singer Sargent

Following some feedback and advice from my tutor I took another look at the works of John Singer Sargent and recreated one of his works using oil paint on board. Original blog post John Singer Sargent.

Response to Alice Neel

This is one of my favourite pieces for the entire module, my response to the works of Alice Neel depicting my brother in law, and his brother in law. Original blog post – Alice Neel.

Response to Claude Monet

For this response to Claude Monet, I painted in several layers using oil paint on board and used varying brush strokes, and brush sizes. Original blog post – Claude Monet.


This was the final assignment piece for ‘Circular Painting’. I painted using several layers of acrylic with a binder to create a glaze and this feeling of movement. Original blog post – A Circular Painting.

Response to Walter Sickert

In response to the works of Walter Sickert I recreated his painting of this nude using thick oil on board. The vivid and contrasting colours alongside the thick paint result in quite a striking image which I really like. Original blog post – Walter Sickert.

Response to Iain Andrews

This was one of my favourite artists and works to explore, I really enjoy the fantasy and story behind Andrew’s work and his use of colour. The brush marks on this remind me a little of my response to Cecily Brown, and feel very freeing. Original blog post – Iain Andrews.

Response to Charles Avery

This was quite an unusual and experimental response for me which is why I wanted to include it, it uses mixed media – watercolour, pen and ,monotype printing with oil. It’s inspired by the work of Charles Avery but transformed into something else. Original blog post – Charles Avery.


These houses were taken from two different projects, one responding to the works of Robert Priseman and the other George Shaw. I quite like them together though and would like to include both in the final selection. Original blog posts – Robert Priseman and George Shaw.

Response to William Turner

I wanted to include this example in the final selection as it demonstrates my ability to use watercolour. Original blog post – Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Tablet Packets

Here is an example of a response to one of the exercises set by The Open College of Arts, I had previously painted some tablet packets with acrylic, but I particularly like these two in oil. Original blog post – Packaging Study.

Depicting your Environment

Lastly here is my selection from my final assignment for Understanding Painting Media. Following advice from my tutor I decided to omit the watercolour element to this collection as it was the weakest painting and didn’t add much value. I’m happy with this group of four though. Original blog post – Depicting your environment.

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