Armand Fernandez

Armand Fernandez was born in 1928 and was a French-American Painter, and well known for his still life collections, accumulations and assemblages. “Arman” as he preferred to be referred to as, was concerned with the society we were living in of consumption and consumerism. Arman did use lithography in some of his works using real objects and printing them repeatedly to create rhythm and pattern, but he is most know for his conceptual work on assemblage.

Arman -Athérosclérose, 1961. Image via

Above is one of Arman’s examples of his collection assembled and presented. A huge number of forks and spoons, some rusty some shiny, crammed into this display chest, with only a touch of breathing space in the top right corner. To explore this haphazard and full nature of the presentation I decided to delve into a rather crammed full kitchen drawer of my parent’s house.

The frame is bursting with all these various kitchen items, as was the drawer itself! It’s quite a different presentation to still life in contrast to for example more staged items which become the centre piece of the page and draws the eye to look at the intended object. Filling the frame almost entirely our eyes dart to and fro analysing the difference and similarities between each of the items. With Arman’s “Athérosclérose” we can clearly see the repetition and rhythm of the fork and spoon shape, whereas in the photograph and sketch of my own collection its much harder to decipher what are all of these tools? What are their purpose?

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