Giorgio Morandi

Giorgio Morandi was born in 1890, and was an Italian painter. Morandi is most know for his extensive still life paintings, called “Natura Morta” in Italian. Morandi used oil paints to create his works and often used very muted tones of grey, cream and pale pastel colours. Morandi used a variety of everyday objects found in the home. The pieces themselves are often quite understated and domestic, and could typically be found in any household. There is no sense of grandeur or ceremony in the selected pieces, they are very quietly beautiful, and somewhat calming.

Still Life 1946 Giorgio Morandi 1890-1964 Presented by Studio d’Arte Palma, Rome 1947

In contrast to the example given in my exploration of Georgia O’Keefe, where there is a real vibrancy and almost glow coming from the peach which feels as though it’s bursting through the frame, Morandi’s still life’s appear quite dull, not in a negative way which sometimes this description can connote, but in a calming sort of subdued way.

In responding to Morandi’s work I photographed some ceramics found in my own kitchen. I purposefully didn’t include the blue spots on the ceramics as I wanted to convey the pale whites and creams to bear similarity to Morandi’s still life. I used the wooden table as a starting off point for the back ground but actually in hindsight I shouldn’t have used such a warm colour. Morandi’s colour use is very subtle and minimal, so in order to really draw comparisons, the background should have been more of a muted grey brown, not red warm brown. In the same style of Morandi I attempted to add strong shadow, but I think I could have pushed this a little further than I did.

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