Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York in 1923, and was an American Pop Artist. Lichtenstein is famous for his bold and bright paintings, painted in a comic strip style. The minimal colour choice in his paintings reflected typical printing techniques of the time and often he used very bright primary colours, coupled with series of dots or strong lines, making for very impactful images. Lichtenstein along with other Pop Artists of the movement created art in response to what was popular around them, such as television, celebrities, and fast food, however his work did also spill over to the more traditional still life scenes.

Sandwich and Soda 1964 Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997 Purchased 1996

In response to Lichtenstein’s work I wanted to try and photograph some objects with strong colour and line too, and settled on the below blue stripped pieces of ceramic. In order to ensure my use of line was strong and accurate I employed the use of tracing paper to properly record the stripes and shapes of the ceramics.

Using the traced image I flipped it over and using a pencil pressed on the lines behind it in order to produce a graphite print onto the paper, resulting in this mirror image. I decided to use the same red and blue as Lichtenstein although using the acrylic paint and a small brush you can clearly see the brush strokes, which is quite different to the work of Lichtenstein which appears very streamlined and consistent in use and creation of colour.

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