Project One – First Mono Prints

For this first project the aim was to:

Select four monoprints from your first project using your chosen personal objects . You should choose those where the painted print shows a full range of expressive marks used to create an image with impact. Each print should be clear and have clean edges and a good print quality and should reflect compositional and colour differences.

These chosen four prints from my First Mono Prints represent a range of colour used, as well as expressive brush marks and varied techniques. I’ve used a range of paintbrushes, as well as the back of the brush. I have specifically experimented with different compositions and situated the objects in the frame in different ways. The prints were made from left to right and I think they demonstrate a development in technique, with the final image on the far right the most successful. I think this is partly due to my learning as I progressed as well as the change in use of paper as I switched from a rough texture to a smooth, which allowed the ink to sit better on the surface and provide a stronger impact.

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