Project Two – Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints

For this second project the aim was to:

Select four mono prints from your second project. You should choose those where the positive and negative shapes are clear and well printed.

For this assignment I chose the above four prints as my most successful. The deep red prints aren’t as well accomplished as the lime green are, as the bodies are either too skinny or too fat, indicating that I haven’t got a close enough print to the edge. Nevertheless the general shape is good, and the consistency of the ink is also good. I also quite like the skinny and fat versions as they’re quite fun! I think perhaps I may have had difficulty with the print as the paper I was using was too thick. The lime green prints on the other hand I used thin cartridge paper, which clearly works best as the images are very clear and you can see the smaller details like the shapes of the hands.

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