Project Four – Textured and Combination Mono Prints

For this final project of assignment one the aim was to:

Select four monoprints from your fourth project. You should choose those which demonstrate the combination of techniques. Each print should demonstrate good registration and clean printing technique. The visual impact of each print should be strong and show a good awareness of composition, surface and colour contrast and balance.

I played around with lots of different ways of executing my idea for this final project, and you can find more details about this process here. Above are the four prints I have chosen for this project, I think each demonstrates good visual impact, with regards to use of colour, composition, contrast and balance. The prints are well executed in that the masks are lined up neatly, with only a couple of exceptions with the sun providing some movement in some of the prints. I’ve also combined techniques in using several masks in each print, as well as painting directly onto the plate, and marrying this up to match the masked print. I do recognise however upon reflection that I have neglected to use all techniques. I purposefully chose to paint directly onto the plate as opposed to back drawing for the small bodies, however I could have possibly considered creating some texture for the land or the mountainous part of the print. Although I do like the really solid colour and I think any texture would detract from the boldness of this. So although I may not have utilised all of the different techniques here, I have made considered decisions in order to achieve my vision of these final prints.

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