Project Three – Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints

For this third project the aim was to:

Select four monoprints from your third project. You should choose those which demonstrate the use of double masking which are well aligned and registered and which demonstrate a good use of colour. Select prints which show your use of multi-coloured layers and masks, textures, back drawing and impressed textures. Explain how you have achieved each effect in your learning log and include details of other ideas and experiments.

For this project I continued with the bodies to further experiment with two coloured masked prints. Using different body shapes I printed using these bold hues of lime green, blue and red. I think the registration is good, particularly with the red and blue example, there is quite a unified white space between each mask. The lime green and blue is good, however it’s slightly off by a small angle as there is a larger gap between the masked prints on one particular side. Both of these prints have just been achieved by using masks and a roller to evenly spread the ink onto the plate.

In the second two examples I used different techniques to achieve the effects. The bodies started to resemble limp lifeless corpses just laying on the page so I started to think about how perhaps I could print the back ground to resemble mossy grass lands. Firstly I printed the bodies by back drawing with yellow, and then going back over with orange as it wasn’t very impactful with just the yellow alone. I then used a dark teal green, and scribbled in the grassland. In the second development, I printed firstly the yellow background and scribbled in to the body. For the ground, I painted on the plate itself using quite a coarse paint brush in a methodical way, and printed the paper to the plate evenly resulting in a good finish. The yellow hues underneath the mossy green print work well I think, the body is sort of illuminated.

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