Scarlette Homeshaw

Scarlette Homeshaw, originally from Kent now lives and works in Huddersfield. Homeshaw graduated from De Montfort University with a Fine Art BA Hons in July 2012, and following this won the Leicester Print Workshop Prize for 2011/2012. Homeshaw is a print maker and primarily focuses on reduction lino cut printing, often utilising several layers in her work, Homeshaw also uses heavy oil based inks, which offer impactful colour. Place and locations, significant to Homeshaw are the inspiration for her work, including various areas in the UK including, Yorkshire, Kent, and the Midlands.

Looking at Homeshaw’s collection of work, I found these two pieces spoke to me the most. They are from Homeshaw’s “Midlands” collection and unlike perhaps some scenes of buildings or landscapes that may be more indicative of an area these two pieces feel quite anonymised. We can only see a small portion, a glimpse of the chairs and the setting, and the angles employed are quite tight and restricted. The colour also drew my attention, I especially like the mild blue notes against the bright orange, yellow and black.

In response to Homeshaw’s work, I thought I would try reduction lino cut printing, which involves cutting and printing layers individually, using the same piece of lino. This means it’s important to plan ahead with regards to executing a correct final image as once the lino is cut and removed it cannot be replaced. As an experiment I thought I would try to produce an abstract print rather than figurative in order to just play with shape and line, and get a better understanding of the process.

I decided to produce two prints using the same piece of lino, but placing the lino onto the paper in different ways to create different outcomes. Looking at both pieces I think it would have worked better if I hadn’t cut out the large shapes from the sides. This meant that when I pressed the paper onto the lino as there was no bordered edge to hold the paper, I inevitably pressed into the cut out lino which has resulted in the rough cut markings. To create the final images I printed using the lightest shades first, yellow, then pink, mauve and finally then black over the top. I didn’t really have an end goal in sight and just wanted to experiment in the process itself to try and get a better understanding of reduction lino cut printing. It’s a bit of a messy outcome with mistakes here and there, but I was glad to make mistakes in these practice outcomes in order to prepare me for the final assignments.

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