Multi-Block Lino Print

For this exercise I was tasked with creating a multi block lino print using three different colours and three separate blocks of lino. Reflecting on this previous work I undertook on Single Colour Lino Cut I really enjoyed working with the smaller A5 piece and the intricate details, I found the A3 work more challenging and felt as though I lost this detail and intimacy, so for this exercise I settled on A4 again. I also reviewed the travel photos I had been exploring in this unit and wanted to choose 2 images to combine with a pop of colour, and decided to use the golden pagoda and vivd blue sea landscape in Siargao. I decided I would use a combination of gold and blue, gold for the building and the sandy shore line, and blue for the bright sky and sea, with black picking out the detail in the buildings, the wooden walkway and rocks.

I started with the first block, where by cutting away would only reveal the white paper underneath. I decided to use the lightest colour that being the yellow-gold. Cutting away just the white clouds in the sky and the surf break along the horizon. I also decided to change the flags along the walk way to white flags.

Next I worked on the second block, which would be printed in blue to depict the sky and sea. For this block I needed to cut away exactly where I had before to reveal the white paper again, and I also had to cut further to create the golden pagoda and reveal the golden yellow beneath. I also wanted the wooden walkway and sand beneath it to come through so cut this from the lino also.

Finally I cut the last block which would be printed in black to pull together all elements and add in the detail of the buildings, the wooden walkway and rocks. I was a little bit nervous about this final block and I really didn’t want to cause any errors so I decided to print on some cartridge paper to check for any issues before hand.

I wasn’t happy with the marks in the sky from cutting the lino, which indicates I hadn’t refined this enough so I returned to this area in particular to work back over. I also added in some more textural marks around the rock area too.

Finally here are the prints combined with all three blocks and three colours. I’m really happy with how the image has turned out overall. Across the six images there are some slight errors in parts with the registration being off, so for example the block edges don’t quite align fully, or the building or flags are a little misaligned. I experimented in the 6 images with varying the colour every so slightly in the blue and yellow although its very subtle and hard to see once the prints have been scanned. I think the first two prints though for example the yellow-gold is definitely the most bright and closer to primary yellow than the subsequent 4 prints are for example.

Following my exploration of other artists in this unit, I’m pleased to see some of that influence shine through, for example the wooden walkway and shadow on the right hand side of the image reminds me of the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ prints by Anne Desmet I analysed previously. I particularly like this part of the print as I was worried the shadow wouldn’t come through but it has. Whilst I was working I think I was a little too over confident in being able to depict the wooden viewing deck at the end of the walk way. The very thin wooden suture has lots of elements which were particularly difficult to cut and refine, but looking at the image as a whole I think the outcome is good. I wonder if I could have perhaps cut away a little more at the rocks on the beach to create more texture, although I was quite concerned having previously learned the harsh lesson of not being able to undo any mistakes once the lino has been cut!

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