Project 5 – Test Cut Lino Cuts

I worked systematically using one row of 4 for each of the different cutting implements. Starting at the top I used number 2, then 3, 4, 5, then the ‘safety’ cutter A and finally the finest at the bottom number 1. I tried to use a variety of different cutting techniques, aiming for straight lines, curved, scratched, rounded and carved. I thought about trying to create natural looking shapes such as that of leaves or waves as well as more solid geometric lines. Overall this was a great exercise to get a better understanding on how each tool can be useful for different cutting styles and the results they may yield.

This is the first print I made using the lino cut, I chose this very bold blue first of all to act as a good contrast on the white page. I can see that some of the squares have been more successful than others in creating a strong print. For example the fourth row down using cutter 5 was probably the finest cutter of them all and so only provided very delicate cut markings in the lino rather than cutting out pieces of lino, so the marks are very subtle, although this would be useful to use for example if you wanted to depict some sort of texture in a print, maybe a mountain or stone surface.

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