Project 6 – Single Colour Lino Cut

For this assignment I produced three different prints using the theme of place. All prints have been inspired by my recent travels, and encompass a range of places that hold fond memories. I purposefully produced prints in three different sizes to explore how size can influence the overall image. The first a smaller print with part of the memory removed (the vehicle), and framed around the edges. This smaller print really reminds me of a polaroid or film camera photograph with a grainy effect. Next I moved onto an A4 sized print where I merged two different destinations together, one piece of architecture reimagined in an entirely new landscape. I decided to try and create a more natural looking depiction so omitted the frame in this example. Lastly my largest print is the A3 imagined landscape. For this print I created an entirely new place made up of four very different locations merged into one another. I purposefully printed using just black ink for each image, as I wanted to concentrate on the composition and size of the prints. They also reminded me of black and white photographs, not in full technicolour, there is something different or missing from the image, or something nostalgic. 

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