Project 10: Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin was born in 1963 in Cheshire and is a British artist working in linocut, lithography, wood engraving and screen printing. Lewin gained her BA in Fine Art Printmaking at Central St Martins College of Art & Design, followed by a year of post graduate study in print making at Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts (Lewin, 2021). Lewin is renowned for her beautiful and intricate prints depicting wild plant life, to incredible detail. Lewin has taken inspiration from her personal surroundings, in particular Norfolk where she found her home for a time and now Scotland where Lewin currently resides (Cambridge Gallery, 2021).

Machair by Angie Lewin Screen Print, Image size: 335mm x 460mm

Lewin’s work particular interests me as I have delved into the most recent assignments looking at life forms including plant life and flowers in particular. In preparation for my work on reduction lino print I researched other artists who have particularly focused on plant life and flowers to understand how other artists have tackled this subject area.

Polwick II By Angie Lewin, Lino cut Print, Image size: 380mm x 285mm

Lewin uses direct observation and sketches of her surroundings in order to produce her prints (For Art Sake, 2021), unfortunately I wasn’t able to access the roses and daisies I wanted to focus on for my reduction lino print project however these flowers were not chosen without personal significance or meaning, the flowers were still very much related to the portrait subject with her name being Rosa, and her outfit embroidered with daises. Instead of direct observation I used photographs I found online to sketch out my ideas.

Once I had my sketches I then developed them into the final prints.

Comparing our work I can see that mine obviously requires a lot more refinement and development. Lewin is able to capture such delicate and soft lines in her work, as well as several layers which really draw you into all of the intricacies of her prints.

Goat’s Beard and Grasses, By Angie Lewin, Lino Cut, Image size: 380mm x 390mm

In my experimental mark making assignment I wanted to try and use the unusual tools to recreate plant life just as Lewin has done so in this above example, not necessarily capturing perfect beautiful flowers, but rather looking at wild meadows or weeds.I attempted to create this range of flowers all nestled together, just as Lewin has done so in her work.

My print is clearly far more basic, as it was an experimenting with different cutting tools, and sadly the finer lines which Lewin so exquisitely executes only just make an appearance in my print work, however I aspire as always to improve in my technique. I had attempted in this original print to replicate the beautiful colours found in wild meadows and replicated in some of Lewin’s works however I was unable to convey this in my execution. However I do think this has transformed my print into more of an autumnal scene which is not a complete loss.

Autumn Teasels, By Angie Lewin, Lino Cut, Image size: 295mm x 360mm

Lewin also infuses the changing of seasons or the weather into her prints, such as in “Autumn Teasels”, Lewin uses warm oranges and yellows to convey this sense of change against the cool blue sky, the overall print makes for a stunning scene of nature bursting with life.


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