Mark Lunning

Mark Lunning is an American artist and print maker, and has also been operating an independent print making service and business for over 25 years (The William Havu Gallery, 2021). Much like Alice Macdonald below we can see Lunning purposefully breaking through the boundaries of the original rectangular print, using bold colour shape and line, resulting in an energetic explosion of different elements.

“To be King III” by Mark Lunning
Etching with chine collé.
Rives BFK 100% cotton paper.

Lunning describes his current exploration of the built environment and its relationships with nature and decay, purposefully using different shapes and colour to create rhythm and movement on the page, (William Havu Gallery, 2021). We can almost see these vines and micro-organisms travelling through different spaces.

Mark Lunning; Cosmic Fragments of Entropy; Zinc etching with chine-colle

In contrast to Rowan Siddons‘ compositions which are tightly constructed into square and formal spaces, reminiscent of the buildings he portrays, Lunning appears to work more organically focusing more so perhaps on the natural elements of the environment flowing freely across the page and not constrained by borders or boundaries.


William Havu Gallery, 2021, Mark Lunning, viewed on 17/08/2021 []

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