Rowan Siddons

Rowan Siddons is a British artist specialising in print making. Siddons recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts gaining a MAVA in Print making. According to the artist his “current practice attempts to convey an amalgamating ambiguity of space, place and time, whilst questioning our perception of the evolving urban landscape” (Siddons, 2021). I was drawn to Siddons work for two reasons, first namely his use of chine collé, as well as his focus on the environment and urban landscape.

Plotting by Rowan Siddons
Aquatint etching and Chine Collé on Fabriano
Rosepina 280gsm

I had already started to consider the subject for my final printmaking assignment, and up until now I have focused on people and the human experience, however I wanted to explore a slightly different subject matter although something still related to that experience. I thought about my own lived experience of my new environment having recently moved. I currently reside in a new housing development which has replaced an old industrial site, although some of those industrial elements remain on the outskirts of the new found residential space. Siddons is particularly useful to explore as he investigates this connection between urban landscapes, how we perceive them and he does so very beautifully, converging different buildings or elements together with line form and colour.

Passage by Rowan Siddons
Aquatint etching and Chine Collé on Fabriano
Rosepina 280gsm

Much like with the works of Alice Macdonald, Siddon’s work will undoubtedly influence my final piece, the colour and layering, similarly to Macdonald brings about an energy to the composition, something which I hope to bring to my own work.


Rowan Siddons, 2021, About, viewed on 17/08/2021 []

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