Bronwen Sleigh

Bronwen Sleigh was born in 1980 in Wales. Sleigh studied at the Glasgow School of Art and then subsequently gained an MA at the Royal College of Art (The Scottish Gallery, 2021). Working across different disciplines, Sleigh takes inspiration from the built environment, architecture, and unused, forgotten spaces (Sleigh, 2021). Sleigh’s work interrogates these spaces, exploring them rather than describing them, presenting them in unusual ways, she challenges the viewers ideas of space and place.

Here are some examples of Sleigh’s work, demonstrating her use of etching to create these beautifully delicate and colourful abstract works. inspired by actual places Sleigh takes us on a journey to a different place in space in time exploring the elements of these places in new and exciting ways. There is a real sense of delicacy in Sleigh’s work with her fine etching and balance of colour, her works are really quite beautiful.


The Scottish Gallery, 2021, Bronwen Sleigh Printmaker, viewed on 17/08/2021 []

Sleigh, B. 2021, About, viewed on 17/08/2021 []

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