Michael Armitage

Michael Armitage was born in 1984 and is a Kenyan artist currently living between Nairobi and London. Armitage gained his BA from the Slade School of Art in 2007, and MA from the Royal Academy, London in 2010, and combines his artistic training with traditional East African hues, materials and techniques. Armitage is concerned with theContinue reading “Michael Armitage”

Keith Tyson

Keith Tyson was born in 1969 and is an English artist. Tyson works in a wide range of media, including painting, drawing and installation, in this blog post I will focus on his works in painting. Similarly to Allison Katz Tyson does not want to be bound by one particular artistic style or theme andContinue reading “Keith Tyson”

Allison Katz

Allison Katz was born in 1980 and is a Canadian Artist, currently living and working in London. Katz has been described as lacking in a particular style of painting or using on-going themes, it is quite the opposite of this actually that gives Katz her own characteristic style. Katz paints a whole range of differentContinue reading “Allison Katz”

Laura Collins

Laura Collins was born in Chicago, and now lives and works on the Oregon Coast, USA. Collins is well known for her paintings of actors, actresses, and celebrities. Series of Collins’ works include paintings of the Olsen Twins escaping the paparazzi, Runway Models Falling, The Real Housewives pointing fingers and celebrities wearing fur. As youContinue reading “Laura Collins”

Alice Neel

Alice Neel was born in 1900, and sadly passed away in 1984. Neel was an American Painter widely celebrated for her expressionist paintings of her friends and family, as well as casual acquaintances, using strong colour and line. Expressionistic use of colour is where sometimes colour is not used in a realistic way, but insteadContinue reading “Alice Neel”

Genieve Figgis

Genieve Figgis was born in 1972 in Dublin and lives and works out of County Wicklow in the idyllic Irish countryside. Figgis takes inspiration from aristocratic culture—especially that of the French pre-revolutionary Rococo period, and reinvents them in what we can see below, using a thick painterly style and injecting a sense of humour andContinue reading “Genieve Figgis”

Pippa Gatty

Pippa Gatty was born in 1965 in London, and currently lives and works in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Gatty graduated in 1990 with a Fine Art (Painting) BA from Chelsea College of Art and Design and subsequently took a break from creating whilst her children were younger. Gatty later returned to painting, and drawing andContinue reading “Pippa Gatty”

Guim Tio Zarraluki

Guim Tio Zarraluki was born in 1987, Barcelona, and is a Spanish Artist, living and working in Spain. Zarraluki studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and has painted both portraits and larger landscape works throughout his career to date, although even when painting landscapes there is still always a heavy focus on peopleContinue reading “Guim Tio Zarraluki”

Paula Rego

Paula Rego was born in 1935, in Lisbon, Portugal, and currently lives and works in London. Rego attended the Slade School of Fine Art and was an exhibiting member of the London Group, along with Frank Auerbach and David Hockney, she was also the first artist-in-residence at the National Gallery in London. Rego is particularlyContinue reading “Paula Rego”

Reworking: Collection Painting

Following the feedback from Assignment Two: Collection Painting I set about reworking some of the still life collection painting. I noticed by looking at both paintings the photograph has also changed the overall image slightly the first was taken on quite a bright sunny day, causing a little bit of a shine on the surface,Continue reading “Reworking: Collection Painting”