Project 9: Experimental Mark Making with Lino

I started this assignment by gathering up various tools and objects to use in order to cut and mark the lino. I found a range of scissors, screwdrivers, corkscrew, knife, hammer, keys, screws and other tools. I set out my A3 sized grey lino into 6 squares to experiment with each group of the tools.Continue reading “Project 9: Experimental Mark Making with Lino”

Multi-Block Lino Print

For this exercise I was tasked with creating a multi block lino print using three different colours and three separate blocks of lino. Reflecting on this previous work I undertook on Single Colour Lino Cut I really enjoyed working with the smaller A5 piece and the intricate details, I found the A3 work more challenging andContinue reading “Multi-Block Lino Print”

Single Colour Lino Cut

For this next exercise, I was tasked with producing a single colour lino cut on the theme of place. I began brainstorming ideas, and considered how we are so restricted now due to Covid and the places that can be visited are so very limited. It caused me to reminisce about places I’ve visited inContinue reading “Single Colour Lino Cut”

Test Lino Cuts

For this exercise I have been tasked with experimenting with mark making on lino. I have never used the technique of lino cutting and printing so firstly I wanted to try out the different blades to get a better understanding of how they feel to work with. I chose this small beige “soft cut” linoContinue reading “Test Lino Cuts”

Textured and Combination Mono Prints

For this final exercise I have been asked to bring together all learning from this first assignment in the “Introduction to Printmaking” with The Open College of Arts. At this stage in the process I had realised I had taken quite the departure from my initial research and experiments using still life, and become quiteContinue reading “Textured and Combination Mono Prints”

Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints

Moving on from Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints I developed this further with the next exercise by experimenting with the use of different colours. Returning once more to the bodies in my earlier experiments, I kept the same body shapes and set about using different colours and printing get masks on top of each other.Continue reading “Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints”

Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints

Following on from my First Mono Prints, I moved on to experimenting with masked prints. Instead of painting directly on to the plate to create the image, in this method, the plate is covered evenly with ink using a roller, and then masks are applied to reveal resulting positive/negative prints. Prior to starting work onContinue reading “Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints”

First Mono Prints

To create my own still life compositions I used a selection of plastic bowls I use as paint mixing pots in my studio. I chose these in particular due to the colours, and varied shapes. The bowls are smooth and have a slight shine in some of the photographs. I also wanted to introduce aContinue reading “First Mono Prints”