Depicting your environment

Thinking about how I might like to depict my environment for the final assignment of Understanding Painting Media, with the Open College of Arts, I began to consider all of the previous work and exercises I had undertaken to date. I thought about the different practices and techniques I used and decided that monotype printingContinue reading “Depicting your environment”

A Circular Painting

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a circular or oval painting of an area in my house, either from life or from a photograph, I also had to refer to the work I completed in previous exercises and artist research carried out. When thinking about what I wanted to produce for my assignment,Continue reading “A Circular Painting”

Reworking: Monotype Portraits

Following receipt of tutor feedback from my previous assignment Monotype Portraits, I decided not to rework the final paintings but did undertake some further research and experimentation. I particularly wanted to continue to learn about colour mixing as well as working with oil paints as I found it incredibly challenging when trying to create theContinue reading “Reworking: Monotype Portraits”

Reworking: A Series of Paintings

This post isn’t about a reworking as such of the A Series of Paintings, however following receipt of feedback from my tutor it has spurred some further research and experimentation with painting media. I was direct to look at the following artists in particular: Pippa Gatty, Laura Collins, Alice Neel, Genieve Figgis, and Paula Rego. PippaContinue reading “Reworking: A Series of Paintings”

Reworking: Collection Painting

Following the feedback from Assignment Two: Collection Painting I set about reworking some of the still life collection painting. I noticed by looking at both paintings the photograph has also changed the overall image slightly the first was taken on quite a bright sunny day, causing a little bit of a shine on the surface,Continue reading “Reworking: Collection Painting”

Monotype Portraits

For this assignment I was asked to produce three monotype print portraits, gathering together all of the artist research and learnt experience following completion of the exercises. I enjoyed the different angles I used when I painted the quick ink paintings and wanted to continue with this. Of the ink paintings I particularly liked theContinue reading “Monotype Portraits”

Collection Painting

This assignment required a collection painting, A1 or A2 in size on a black or dark coloured background. I struggled to decide on what to present for this collection painting, and first toyed with depicting the contents of my handbag, and instead of arranging the collection before photographing I would just tip the handbag upsideContinue reading “Collection Painting”

A Series of Paintings

This is the first assignment in the module of ‘Understanding Painting Media’ with the OCA. It is designed to integrate all of the techniques, observations and lessons learned during the four preceding exercises – Painting Thin and Small, Black and White, Quick and Focused and Look at what you see – not what you imagine. Inspired byContinue reading “A Series of Paintings”