Peter Bonde

Peter Bonde was born in 1958, and is a Danish Visual Artist. Bonde graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art (1976-82). He was a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts’s painting school from 1996 to 2005. Bonde’s work spans over three decades, and he has used a range of materials and mediumsContinue reading “Peter Bonde”

Lene Bladbjerg

Lene Bladbjerg was born in 1974 in Denmark, Bladbjerg grew up in Belgium, Brussels, and now lives and works in London. Bladbjerg attended the Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, England in 1995, and later graduated from the London College of Printing with a Degree in Graphic and Media Design in 2000. Bladbjerg usesContinue reading “Lene Bladbjerg”

Lisa Milroy

Lisa Milroy was born in 1959, in Vancouver. Milroy is a Canadian artist well known for her still life paintings of everyday objects placed in various lines and patterns. Milroy’s work spans decades from the 1980’s to present day, comprising of a wide range of works including paintings, prints, drawing and animation. For the purposeContinue reading “Lisa Milroy”

Tabitha Moses

Tabitha Moses is a visual artist, currently living and working in Liverpool, England. Moses’ work is often connected with people and groups of people. Her most recent work ‘Investment’, is connected with her own experience of infertility and IVF treatment and is presented through embroidered hospital gowns and photographic portraits. For the purpose of thisContinue reading “Tabitha Moses”

Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards was born in 1981, in Kent, and lives and works in London. Edwards gained his BA at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, followed by his MA in Painting, at The Royal College of Art. Edwards is well known for painting quite small intricate images onto a variety of different surfaces, someContinue reading “Lee Edwards”

Cathy Lomax

Cathy Lomax was born in 1963, in Croydon, and is a British painter based in London. Lomax is part of the Contemporary British Painting group, and is a curator and director at The Transition Gallery. Lomax gained her MA Fine Art from Central St Martins, and also edits two art and culture magazines, Arty and Garageland. Lomax’s workContinue reading “Cathy Lomax”

Paul Westcombe

Paul Westcombe was born in 1981, in Scotland. He studied at The Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, before going on to gain his MA at The Royal College of Art (Painting). Westcombe uses a variety of surfaces to paint and draw upon, including old vaseline tins, batteries and used coffee cups. TheContinue reading “Paul Westcombe”

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst was born in Bristol in 1965, and studied at Goldsmiths University. Hirst became a leading figure in the Young British Artists movement in the late 1980s and 1990s, and is one of the richest living artists in the UK. Damien Hirst’s work spans decades and Hirst has explored a vast range of materials,Continue reading “Damien Hirst”

Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown was born in 1969 to British parents in London, and now lives and works in New York City. Brown’s work uses an array of colour and gestural markings, there is an energy to Brown’s brush marks which have been compared to other renowned artists such as William De Kooning and Francis Bacon, (twoContinue reading “Cecily Brown”

Mimei Thompson

Mimei Thompson was born 1972, in Japan to a Chilean mother and American father, Thompson later moved to the Sudan, and now lives and works in London. Thompson’s subject matter ranges from the everyday objects of vegetables, plants, animals and landscapes, however through her style of painting Thompson recreates these ordinary objects into a dreamContinue reading “Mimei Thompson”