Project 9: Experimental Mark Making with Lino

I started this assignment by gathering up various tools and objects to use in order to cut and mark the lino. I found a range of scissors, screwdrivers, corkscrew, knife, hammer, keys, screws and other tools. I set out my A3 sized grey lino into 6 squares to experiment with each group of the tools.Continue reading “Project 9: Experimental Mark Making with Lino”

Project 8: Reduction Method Lino Cutting

Thinking about which avenue to explore in this particular assignment I originally considered exploring human life forms as I have been so often fascinated by the human condition and how people interact with one another, previously having studied sociology and counselling. However another large aspect of my personal identity is my love of animals andContinue reading “Project 8: Reduction Method Lino Cutting”

Project 7 – Multi-Block Lino Print

For this last assignment I continued with the theme of place and using fond memories of previous travels. As I experimented earlier in the unit, I returned to the two worlds merged together and decided to use the golden pagoda in Japan and beautiful blue shoreline in The Philippines. I thought choosing these two colourfulContinue reading “Project 7 – Multi-Block Lino Print”

Project 6 – Single Colour Lino Cut

For this assignment I produced three different prints using the theme of place. All prints have been inspired by my recent travels, and encompass a range of places that hold fond memories. I purposefully produced prints in three different sizes to explore how size can influence the overall image. The first a smaller print withContinue reading “Project 6 – Single Colour Lino Cut”

Project 5 – Test Cut Lino Cuts

I worked systematically using one row of 4 for each of the different cutting implements. Starting at the top I used number 2, then 3, 4, 5, then the ‘safety’ cutter A and finally the finest at the bottom number 1. I tried to use a variety of different cutting techniques, aiming for straight lines,Continue reading “Project 5 – Test Cut Lino Cuts”

Project Four – Textured and Combination Mono Prints

For this final project of assignment one the aim was to: Select four monoprints from your fourth project. You should choose those which demonstrate the combination of techniques. Each print should demonstrate good registration and clean printing technique. The visual impact of each print should be strong and show a good awareness of composition, surfaceContinue reading “Project Four – Textured and Combination Mono Prints”

Project Three – Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints

For this third project the aim was to: Select four monoprints from your third project. You should choose those which demonstrate the use of double masking which are well aligned and registered and which demonstrate a good use of colour. Select prints which show your use of multi-coloured layers and masks, textures, back drawing andContinue reading “Project Three – Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints”

Project Two – Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints

For this second project the aim was to: Select four mono prints from your second project. You should choose those where the positive and negative shapes are clear and well printed. For this assignment I chose the above four prints as my most successful. The deep red prints aren’t as well accomplished as the limeContinue reading “Project Two – Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints”

Project One – First Mono Prints

For this first project the aim was to: Select four monoprints from your first project using your chosen personal objects . You should choose those where the painted print shows a full range of expressive marks used to create an image with impact. Each print should be clear and have clean edges and a goodContinue reading “Project One – First Mono Prints”

Depicting your environment

Thinking about how I might like to depict my environment for the final assignment of Understanding Painting Media, with the Open College of Arts, I began to consider all of the previous work and exercises I had undertaken to date. I thought about the different practices and techniques I used and decided that monotype printingContinue reading “Depicting your environment”