Plant life

For this exercise I was tasked with making a very detailed painting using either water colour, acrylic or oil, of the plants or weeds in my garden or nearby environment. The surface size should be between A5 and A3, and needed to be painted with a mid-tone first. I walked around my garden and tookContinue reading “Plant life”

Circular Development

For this exercise I was tasked with experimenting and developing further the paintings I had created during Circular Paintings, by adding thicker layers of paint to the thinly painted works. Unmade bed For the unmade bed I only added slight touches of thick white acrylic paint to the creases and folds of the duvet andContinue reading “Circular Development”

Circular Experimentation

In this exercise I was tasked to make a very fluid painting of any subject in the home. Once dry I was then instructed to use a varnish either sprayed or painted and to reflect on how applying the varnish changes the painting and what effects can be made. For this exercise I decided toContinue reading “Circular Experimentation”

Circular Drawings

For this next exercise I was tasked with creating a series of three circular pencil drawings, using coloured pencils, of a scene in my house. I decided to continue to explore the images I used in the previous exercise Circular Paintings, the natural sponge, light shining on stair case, and unmade bed. Unmade Bed IContinue reading “Circular Drawings”

Circular Paintings

For this exercise I was tasked to create five circular paintings using thinned down paint. I could either take a photograph of something inside my house and place a circular viewfinder on top of the image, or make a card viewfinder to hold up to an area inside my house to paint form. I decidedContinue reading “Circular Paintings”

Re-worked Monotype Portraits

For this exercise I was asked to revisit the two previous exercises An Introduction to Monotypes and Monotype Portraits Continued… in order to produce three new images. I needed to chose three prints that I wished to push further, by either adding more paint to create greater definition, contrast or a closer likeness or by removingContinue reading “Re-worked Monotype Portraits”

Monotype Portraits Continued…

Moving on from the previous exercise An Introduction to Monotypes this exercise called for five more monotypes. In order to experiment in other ways I chose one image to recreate 5 times (as previously directed). In this exercise I was prompted to remove different areas of paint with cotton buds, cotton wool, smooth rags, rough ragsContinue reading “Monotype Portraits Continued…”

An Introduction to Monotypes

For this exercise I could choose to either work with an ink portrait I painted in the previous exercise A Series of Quick Self Portraits or a photograph or image from a magazine. As I had previously worked with a photograph found online in my response to the works of Geraldine Swayne I decided to experimentContinue reading “An Introduction to Monotypes”

A Series of Quick Self Portraits

For this exercise I was asked to produce 20 self portraits using black ink. The ink was separated into three cups, one with ink only, another with diluted ink solution and one with water. I could spend no longer than one minute on each portrait. Before beginning the exercise, as advised I took a lookContinue reading “A Series of Quick Self Portraits”

Painting on a painted surface

For this exercise I was tasked with painting collections on painted surfaces. I decided to depict an assortment of kitchen utensils on a black background, as well as a collection of books on an imagined mint background, and cutlery on an imagined lilac background. I started out by using masking tape to fix the A4Continue reading “Painting on a painted surface”