Personal Project, Chine Collé and Artist Statement

For my personal project I thought I would begin by reviewing how far I have come, and looking at all of the previous themes I have worked with. Bodies featured heavily in my first assignment, followed by my personal travels and locations I had experienced and enjoyed. Then moving onto life I focused on myContinue reading “Personal Project, Chine Collé and Artist Statement”

Bronwen Sleigh

Bronwen Sleigh was born in 1980 in Wales. Sleigh studied at the Glasgow School of Art and then subsequently gained an MA at the Royal College of Art (The Scottish Gallery, 2021). Working across different disciplines, Sleigh takes inspiration from the built environment, architecture, and unused, forgotten spaces (Sleigh, 2021). Sleigh’s work interrogates these spaces,Continue reading “Bronwen Sleigh”

Mark Lunning

Mark Lunning is an American artist and print maker, and has also been operating an independent print making service and business for over 25 years (The William Havu Gallery, 2021). Much like Alice Macdonald below we can see Lunning purposefully breaking through the boundaries of the original rectangular print, using bold colour shape and line,Continue reading “Mark Lunning”

Rowan Siddons

Rowan Siddons is a British artist specialising in print making. Siddons recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts gaining a MAVA in Print making. According to the artist his “current practice attempts to convey an amalgamating ambiguity of space, place and time, whilst questioning our perception of the evolving urban landscape” (Siddons, 2021). I wasContinue reading “Rowan Siddons”

Alice Macdonald

Alice Macdonald was born in 1992 and is a British visual artist primarily working in painting and print making. Macdonald studied Illustration at Falmouth University, and her work focuses on people and places she has seen, some of her work is autobiographical (Royal Drawing School, 2021). I stumbled across the above image of Macdonald’s workContinue reading “Alice Macdonald”

Personal investigation combining printmaking with chine collé

This assignment will focus on a personal project, using the technique of Chine Collé. To begin this section I wanted to understand the process of chine collé better so I experimented quite a bit in order to hone my skills. The first series I created was using a small abstract block I had created earlierContinue reading “Personal investigation combining printmaking with chine collé”

What is Chine Collé?

Chine Collé is part of a printing process used in conjunction with lithography or etching and involves the use of thin tissue papers (Moma, 2021). There are at least three layers at play with the first thicker support paper below, followed by the thinner tissue paper and then finally the printed image on top. OftenContinue reading “What is Chine Collé?”

Developing Collagraph Prints

As part of the developmental process in collagraph printing I decided to explore the other techniques shared in the student guidance, these included using poly filler to create a textured surface and another medium called Carborundum, which is a fine grit like sand. Carborundum I wasn’t quite sure how to use the carborundum so managedContinue reading “Developing Collagraph Prints”

Test Collagraph Block

For this test collagraph block I gathered a range of different materials to create the textured surface including: Fabric Rubber bands Velcro Cotton wool pads Lentils Rice Fennel seeds Linguine pasta Sponge Glue dots Tin foil Kitchen roll String Washers Cotton buds Pennies Here is the used collagraph test block. I decided to use aContinue reading “Test Collagraph Block”

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was known as a pioneer of abstract art. Born in 1872, in Amersfoort, Utrecht, dutch painter Mondrian began his early career painting part time during the 1890’s at the Amsterdam Academy (Alley, 1981). Mondrian painted in several different styles throughout his career but one of his more notable periods was following his exposureContinue reading “Piet Mondrian”