Project One – First Mono Prints

For this first project the aim was to: Select four monoprints from your first project using your chosen personal objects . You should choose those where the painted print shows a full range of expressive marks used to create an image with impact. Each print should be clear and have clean edges and a goodContinue reading “Project One – First Mono Prints”

Textured and Combination Mono Prints

For this final exercise I have been asked to bring together all learning from this first assignment in the “Introduction to Printmaking” with The Open College of Arts. At this stage in the process I had realised I had taken quite the departure from my initial research and experiments using still life, and become quiteContinue reading “Textured and Combination Mono Prints”

Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints

Moving on from Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints I developed this further with the next exercise by experimenting with the use of different colours. Returning once more to the bodies in my earlier experiments, I kept the same body shapes and set about using different colours and printing get masks on top of each other.Continue reading “Two Coloured Masked Mono Prints”

Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints

Following on from my First Mono Prints, I moved on to experimenting with masked prints. Instead of painting directly on to the plate to create the image, in this method, the plate is covered evenly with ink using a roller, and then masks are applied to reveal resulting positive/negative prints. Prior to starting work onContinue reading “Positive and Negative Masked Mono Prints”

First Mono Prints

To create my own still life compositions I used a selection of plastic bowls I use as paint mixing pots in my studio. I chose these in particular due to the colours, and varied shapes. The bowls are smooth and have a slight shine in some of the photographs. I also wanted to introduce aContinue reading “First Mono Prints”

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born in 1869, and was a French artist who practiced in drawing, printing, sculpting and most notably painting. Matisse is famous for his use of colour, and original style. Along with Picasso, Matisse was one of the most important artist who helped shape and develop the twentieth century art world. Matisse gainedContinue reading “Henri Matisse”

Squeak Carnwath

Squeak Carnwath was born in 1947, in Pennsylvania, and is a contemporary American painter and arts educator. Carnwath is concerned with the philosophical and mundane experiences of daily life, and uses a range of vivid colours, text pattern and image in her work. Process is a huge element to Carnwath’s work, the process in theContinue reading “Squeak Carnwath”

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was born in 1834, and he was a French painter, sculptor and print maker. Degas was a big part of the impressionist movement and he was well known for his depictions of Parisian life, in particular cafe scenes, theatre performances, as well as singers and prostitutes, he was always compelled to portray theContinue reading “Edgar Degas”

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin was born in 1963 and is a well known British Artist famous for her autobiographical work exploring a range of mediums and techniques, including drawing, sculpture, painting, printing, film, photography, neon text and sewn appliqué. Emin is probably most well known for her installation work “My Bed” which was shown at the TateContinue reading “Tracey Emin”

Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne was born in 1839 and was a French Post impressionist Painter. Cézanne is known for his varied painting style which later influenced many modern day artists such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. In contrast to the poverty stricken life of Vincent Van Gogh, Cezanne’s father was wealthy and afforded him financial security.Continue reading “Paul Cézanne”